Pilates is not designed to be injury specific. In Pilates, the injury is worked through the whole body. Focus is getting clients to move from their strengths not their weaknesses.

In this holistic approach, healing begins. Always at the heart of my teaching I have Romana’s voice ringing loud and clear - ‘if in doubt leave it out'. That said, there are some tried and tested supports and threads that allow for a fluid healing process which I will share with you.

Work with me as I walk you through session formats, exercises and approaches for optimal healing for the following issues:Back - acute, chronic. Disc and other degenerative disease.

Knee - acute, chronic. Surgery, and why so many bad knees!Pilates has become synonymous with fixing backs, and we do! More often by choosing what we leave out rather than what we add in. I will also teach specifically on what to look for and how to get your client back to full mobility, with super key exercises.Knee issues can be tricky and limiting. However, when you are clear on where 90% of knee issue complaints stem from it makes for a really interesting play; what is recruiting and what is not, and then how to get things fired back up and working again. I will work with you on exercise choice and apparatus use to get the dead zones back in the end zone!

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