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If you are already a pilates teacher this is the most effective way to upgrade, refresh and often simplify your teaching and join the full comprehensive training programme. Over four weekends you will explore all the exercises on all the apparatus. Often discovering the missing pieces to your training.


We train professionals, our programme leaves the amateur behind.  If you are looking to stand out in the pilates crowd, and the new wellness environment, you are ready to join us.  If you are reading this, you are probably one of the slim few who know there is more to the Method than the exercises.

The Method lies in its approach, philosophy and principles.  Ideas laid down by Joseph Pilates, carried forward by Romana Kryzanowska.  You are connecting in at the root, at the origin of The Method, becoming a 3rd generation teacher of the Method.

The programme unifies the work.  From the ground up, your knowledge is redefined.  You will find a sense of freedom and joy in your teaching.  You will develop a liberating teaching style, clear teaching vocabulary, classical hands on techniques, connect to the root, Joseph Pilates through the teachings of Romana Kryzanowska, and identify as a 3rd generation teacher. Ensuring you become an elite professional and stand out in the field of pilates and the new wellness industry.

The three-level (Intro, Progression & Progression +) approach is taught over four weekends.  The Pi Pilates Comprehensive Programme will teach you how to level up your clients through the integration of the exercises and the correct use of the apparatus.  Foundational is the understanding that the Method is 360-degree approach, not linear. It is the integration of the exercises and the apparatus that allows the beauty and strength of The Method to shine.  As Eve Gentry (pilates Elder) said ‘you can know all the exercises in The Method and still not know how to teach The Method’.

Apparatus covered:  Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrel, Spine Corrector, Pedipole and Magic Circle.

We will introduce to simple anatomy, develop your skills as a teacher and uniquely our programme will teach you how to multi level teach.  This is a high level skill is necessary to ensure you maximise your studio potential without compromise to teaching quality.


Prerequisites and Commitment

We expect a high degree of practice before acceptance onto the training programme.  We suggest a minimum number of 30 private/group sessions or be able to take yourself through a progression/intermediate reformer workout on your own.  You should know the transitions, names of exercises, springs and order for the reformer repertoire to a progression/intermediate level.

You may need to attend a review of your workout in person or send in a video prior to acceptance.  We are not looking at how well you execute the exercises, but rather have you enough discipline to be able to develop the work both physically and mentally.

All bridge students will need a time commitment of approximately 15 to 20 hours per week to complete the programme in nine months.  Be wary, if you are teaching already, remember you will need to make time/space for the other apprenticeship requirements.


Apprenticeship Yes and No!

Our entire programme is a dynamic and experiential in approach, creating unforgettable, transformative learning experiences.  From the first hour of the first weekend you will be teaching.  The apprenticeship is an extension of this powerful way to learn, and as bridge participant we don't want you to forsake this vital piece.  

You will complete a 600 hours apprenticeship consisting of seminars, guided online content, self-practice, observation, *practice teaching, meetings, and a mandatory training package of 60 hours of classes and sessions completed at Pi Studio or an approved studio.  Science tells us we learn by doing (embodiment) not by just observing or listening.

However, it is with the 'practice teaching' piece of the apprenticeship where your difference lies as bridge participant.  It is assumed you may already have a studio and clients you already teach.  As you start to teach your clients, in the new framework, these live teaching hours count as your apprenticeship.  In other words, in all the teaching you already do you begin to layer in your new skills.

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Learning Modules

There is a degree of flexibility in the way you can attend the In Person training. you may choose to attend Modules 1 & 2 in the Winter and 3 & 4 in the Summer or vice versa.

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