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BREATHtaking. From first cry to last sigh, we do it without a thought. Yet the benefits of conscious breathing are truly remarkable.


Mr pilates call to arms 'if you learn one thing, learn to breath correctly.'  His focus seems to be a maximum return on every inhalation and exhalation.  Feed the body with life giving oxygen essential for the energy, rid the body of carbon dioxide, simultaneously bringing breath within direct conscious control and spreading the effects though the rest of the anatomy.

You will learn the correct breathing techniques used to drive pilates exercises.  Taking the 100 as our first, and often most challenging.

You will experience the ease of movement when the breath is correctly indicated.  Effortless effort.

You will learn how to teach Breathing to your clients with the Magic Circle & Breath o Ciser

You will be introduced to the unique role breath plays in entering a Flow State ( a state in which where we feel at our best and perform at our best)

Once you pay attention to your breath and that of the client and master its true power,  you master life and your outcomes.  let's make a practice of it.

*Open to Mat and Apparatus trainers.


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Open to everyone.  Mat and Apparatus trained.

Online - Yes.  Please let us know you would like to participate on line so we can send a link.  You will need a Magic Circle and ideally a Breath o ciser.

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