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Javier Velazquez | Reformer Explored

The Reformer Explored | Everyone is Welcome | #Pi33


There is no point in a bite size workshop with Javier, the joy is to spend the day with him.

Day 1 is framed by The Reformer, but of course always linking back to other equipment so as not to create separate entities. Javier will do more of the ‘historically ignored’ exercises which he refuses to call ‘archival’ since those archives never existed and is a term used by some to claim superiority that they haven’t earned.

Together, liberate and bring back to the world the full potential of the Joseph Pilates discipline.

Join Javier Velazquez on a unique and highly credible exploration of the Method. Janvier has spent a lifetime of Pilates practice. He has been privy to the mountain of hidden material and spent extended periods of time as aide and close companion to Romana Kryzanowska.

He has trained and coached himself exquisitely and passes it on to others in an open generous and humorous way. There is has truth about him and the way he delivers that arrives only after a lifetime of commitment.

He is below the radar and in the noisy world of Pilates he sounds genuine note.

You are invited to learn and absorb exercises, and observe a vibrant knowing and embodied teacher. If you are looking for a learning that sits beyond the realms of a manual and you are curious, open and ready to receive then then come, this is for you.

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