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Holly Murray

Our founder and lead teacher trainer, Holly Murray, studied with Romana Kryzanowska, a direct protégé of Joseph Pilates. Over the years Holly has been fortunate enough to work closely with Bob Liekens, developing one of the most thorough and genuine Classical Pilates teacher training programmes in the world.

Holly discovered Pilates in the USA and is credited with bringing the first 360 approach to classical training to London, with her studio becoming the first of its kind in the UK to be internationally recognised as a fully comprehensive training centre for The Method of Joseph Pilates.

Holly has fought hard against the whims of the fitness industry and stayed true to her belief in the healing process of The Method and its ability to re-educate the body and remind it of the care-free movement of youth.

Holly is also an alumni and one of the first to be recognised as a Uk mentor for The Flow Genome Project. This project is very close to her heart. She has worked closely with both Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal. FGP is next level training for human performance harnessing a natural flow state. People in flow experience heightened creativity, increased performance, accelerated problem solving. See our Mind Gym for more information.

Kiki Lier Laursen

Kiki has over 20 years of international experience, having trained in New York City under Bob Liekens and Susan Moran. Using the power of the mind body connection, she aims to help her clients achieve a deeper understanding of their bodies, whilst challenging them to do more, resulting in improved posture, control, pain-free movement and overall wellbeing.

Citing her own experiences, Kiki says that Pilates has given her the confidence to do things she never thought possible and she loves to be able to help her clients do the same.

She also specialises in Pilates for men, the elderly and pre/postnatal clients, together with an additional qualification in Trigger Point Pilates addressing musculoskeletal pain.

Rachel Merga

Rachel became a full-time Pilates instructor in 2005, certified through Power Pilates. Whilst living in the USA, she taught at the Power Pilates head quarters in New York City and at Classical Pilates studios in the Washington DC area.

In her years of teaching Pilates Rachel has studied with and taken workshops with classical instructors such as Jay Grimes, Kathy Ross Nash, Mejo Wiggins, Peter Fiasca, Alycea Ungaro, Bob Liekens, Holly Murray and continues to work with Holly as one of our teacher trainers for Pi Studio.

Rachel's approach to teaching is compassionate and understanding to the individuals' needs and physical ability. You will move, have fun and feel great after your workout!!

Originally from Manchester, England Rachel trained as a classical ballet dancer and had a 16 year career as a professional dancer.

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