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Supporting each other and all those that come through the door of Pi

Daphne Pena

Daphne Peña-Director/Owner of New York Pilates.

Personally trained and certified by Romana Krysanowska, and extensive study with Kathi Ross-Nash, Brooke Siler, Bob Liekens, Dorothee VandeWalle and Brett Howard.

Daphne opened London's first Authentic Classical Pilates in 2000. Since then, thousands of clients have benefited from training in this original method on the highest quality Gratz equipment. Daphne has taught workshops in Sydney, Fiji, Los Angeles, Mexico, Chicago, New York, Spain, Monaco and London. Upcoming workshops include Hawaii and Greece. New York Pilates London is known as one of London's Centers of excellence for training in Classical Pilates.

Holly Murray

Holly is the founder of Pi Studios in 2003, and the Pi Comprehensive Training Programme.  Holly discovered Pilates in the USA, taking her first session in 2000.  So inspired by the character and energy of Romana Kryzanowska on that first session, it led to her radical career change and never ending commitment to the continued legacy of Joseph Pilates and the inspirational spirit of Romana.  She is credited with bringing the first 360-approach to classical training to London, with her studio becoming the first of its kind in the UK to be internationally recognised as a fully comprehensive training centre for The Method of Joseph Pilates.

Holly has fought hard against the whims of the fitness industry that idealises gym athletes and yoga worshipers.  She has stayed true to her belief in the healing process of The Method and its ability to re-educate the body and remind it of the care-free movement of youth,  its ability to create a mind that is focused, eager and creative and can identify tirelessly with the idea that the Method is truly a discipline for the 21st century.

Jayne O Brien

Jayne holds two comprehensive Pilates certifications, the first one from Polestar, and the second one a classical certification from the Pilates Standard at PI Studios in 2013, originally Power Pilates with Bob Liekens. In 2017 Jayne was invited to join the highly selective master’s program The WorkTM led by first generation teacher Jay Grimes who was a student of Joseph Pilates himself. Jayne is passionate about teaching the authentic style of Classical Pilates as she believes it gives her clients the best results.

Jeroen Vancoillie

Jeroen has been a part of wellness industry for a long time. He has taught in high schools and university and travelled frequently as a trainer and motivator in the fitness industry winning several awards.

He has studied and travelled to gain an extensive Pilates education. He currently trains regularly in Rotterdam with Javier Velasquez and has had extensive experience working with Siri Galliano.

He loves to share his knowledge believing ‘sharing Pilates should be like a craft, pure and with passion for the traditional work’

His studio ‘Grace Pilates’ is in Leuven in Belgium. He his super proud of his supportive strong and passionate team.

Next to Pilates, boxing and gym work are his favourite sports.

Jeroen is a father to 3 beautiful children.

Max Lobatto

From an early age, Max has practised martial arts and discovered Pilates to help him regain his strength and rehabilitate after an injury required surgery. He soon realised that Pilates not only helped him restore balance and strength in his body, but also created great focus in the mind. As a result, Max decided to embark on his own Pilates certification journey. Now a Pilates instructor, Max works extensively with athletes from a wide range of sports using Pilates to help them restore, rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies. His broad experience includes a 5 year spell with Brighton & Hove Albion football club.

Nasia Grimani

Nasia's first experience of The Pilates Method was 11 years ago, when she was still a Physiotherapy student. She was a volleyball athlete and in the town where she was for her studies, there wasn’t a team to continue her sport which led her to start Pilates. As a sporty child, from a young age she tried lots of sports like gymnastics, volleyball, running track, handball, kick boxing, yoga so it was impossible for her not to understand the benefits of Pilates. The strictness, the respect to the human body and the concentration required in the method, working the mind and the body with such harmony was the reason pushing her to follow her first Pilates training, in 2014. Since then, her journey to the art of teaching The Pilates Method has begun. Recently, she completed the second full comprehensive training program as a Classical Pilates teacher. Her love for being able to move without limits and her willingness to help others with any way she can, makes her thirsty to share her knowledge with her students. To help them discover their bodies, their capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses and evolve physically and mentally.

Rachel Merga

Rachel became a full-time Pilates instructor in 2005, certified through Power Pilates. Whilst living in the USA, she taught at the Power Pilates head quarters in New York City and at Classical Pilates studios in the Washington DC area. In her years of teaching Pilates Rachel has studied with and taken workshops with classical instructors such as Jay Grimes, Kathy Ross Nash, Mejo Wiggins, Peter Fiasca, Alycea Ungaro, Bob Liekens, Holly Murray and continues to work with Holly as one of our teacher trainers for Pi Studio. Rachel's approach to teaching is compassionate and understanding to the individuals' needs and physical ability. You will move, have fun and feel great after your workout!! Originally from Manchester, England Rachel trained as a classical ballet dancer and had a 16 year career as a professional dancer.

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